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The company cultivates five types of grapes: Gaglioppo, Greco Bianco, Magliocco, Montepulciano and Syrah, in the country of Cirò and Cirò Marina, in the region of Cirò Classico.
In the vineyards that lie between the sea and the first hill, native grapes, come to full ripeness at the end of September, when they are harvested manually with care not to damage the bunches. All the vineyards are planted low and the plants are located so as to produce in a balanced and constant manner.

This vineyard is located in the hilly area between the towns of Ciro ‘ and Melissa. Gaglioppo and Greco Bianco are cultived on an extension of about 3 hectares, cordon spurred way.

In the most famous area of Cirò’s production, there is the vineyard called Fego, in the flat area, This vineyard is 30 years old. From these Gaglioppo vine plants, planted with saplings, the Ciro ‘Rosso Classico is produced.

In the area crossed by the Lipuda stream, on a clayey and sandy soil, the vines of Magliocco, Syrah, Montepulciano are cultivated, forming the brand of our Canevaio, IGT Calabria

the plant of this vineyard, renewed about 20 years ago, extends for about 1 hectare, adjacent to the ancient watchtower called TorreNova. On the sandy-sandy soil grows the Gaglioppo that contributes to Cirò Rosato Doc

In the first outskirts of Cirò Marina, on the north side, extends the vineyard “Difesa”, where the Gaglioppo is bred with spurred cordon. From this plant, renovated about 30 years ago, produces Ciro ‘Rosato

In the land overlooking the sea, between Ciro ‘Marina and Torre Melissa, we cultivate Magliocco and Gaglioppo, which we find in Canevaio IGT Calabria

In the Brisi area, for some years, the vineyards are progressively leaving their jobs on the site. Among the remaining ones of the Agricola Parrilla farm, on a small plot, and with little yield per plant grows the Gaglioppo of the Riserva Campoleon

A new plant is being born in the heart of the classic Cirò: we are realizing a plant that will go into production for the 2018 vintage.